Tollerton Allotments


TolAllotments sign (Large)lerton Allotments arose from the Tollerton Parish Plan, published in 2007, which cited the Fresh veg! (Large)need for “community gardens” in Tollerton.  Once the plan was adopted by Tollerton Parish Council, the work began to find a suitable site. A site bounded by the Grantham Canal and the A52 was finally identified and a lease arranged from Notts. County Council.

The site was originally a flat grass field and was laid out by the Allotment Association in April 2009.  There were originally 22 plots, a full plot measuring 15 x 15 metres (225 m2) but some half plots were also included. 

Since then they have been hugely successful and there are currently 25 plots under cultivation – 16 full plots and 9 half plots. Allotments2 (Large)Allotments1 (Large)

The Allotment Association has recently taken over the administration of the allotments from the Parish Council and is responsible for the waiting list and the collection of annual rents.



Allotmenteers are a friendly bunch and more than happy to help newcomers to sort out their plot and offer helpAllotments5 (Large) and advice if required.


If you are interested in adding your name to the waiting list for an allotment or would just like to talk to someone about what is involved, please contact Rob May (Secretary) on 0115 937 5561 or Heidi Emery (Chair) on 0779 118 4779.



Broad beans and Sweet Williams (Large) Open Day 2014