Tollerton operates an award winning Neighbourhood Watch Scheme which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013.


Keeping You Informed

The Area team meet once a month, with either our Beat Manager or PCSO in attendance, to discuss crime reported by the Police and residents, any action that needs to be taken and new initiatives. We then publish a report in the monthly Tollerton Parish News Letter and additionally we post information on the village notice boards on www.tollerton.org In recent years we have generated a list of residents’ email addresses which allows us to use today’s technology to communicate rapidly useful crime and other important information. We currently have over 200 households on the list and if you would like to be added just send an email to NHWTollerton@live.co.uk .

History of NHW in Tollerton

Our scheme was formed in 1988 under the leadership of Ted Tipton, who successfully guided it until his untimely death in 1994. Stephen Harvey then took over, assisted by Alan Smith and Phil Simpson. Alan ran the scheme himself for a number of years until forced to step down through pressure of work, but experienced difficulty in finding any volunteers to take over. In 2000, Cllr Stuart Byfield arranged a meeting in the Parish Rooms headed “Crime” resulting in Noel Marshall, Win Jones, Barbara Storrie and Richard Hall stepping forward to form a team of Area Co-ordinators. During the year, Win pulled out and Michael O’Leary’s arm was twisted to take his place. Together they ran the scheme in the village based on Alan’s award winning methods. The plaques he received can be seen in the Parish Rooms on Burnside Grove. In November 2001 when Richard Hall retired, Chris Burbanks volunteered to take over his patch. With the sad loss of Michael, the team was pleased to welcome Ian Thompson and Colin Watts in 2007. When Colin moved out of the area in 2013 we were joined by Ann Adkin. Chris moved on to take over the Tollerton Online website and was replaced by Roger Harrison, then recently Liz Lewis replaced Ann. It is good that whilst Noel and Barbara remain as anchors from the original “Millenium” team, other residents have stepped forward to share the tasks and contribute from their perspective

Back in 1994, some 11 incidents a month were reported but nowadays we average less than 4, so the scheme is definitely working and most reports follow a similar theme: Sheds broken in to during summer months and cars targeted during the winter months. Burglaries are less common with increased awareness of anti-theft devices.

Over the years we developed a successful system of around 90 Street Co-ordinators each “watching” over up to 5 houses. The Area Co-ordinators were then allocated a number of SCs on a geographical basis. This meant that residents had a point of contact if they were the victims of crime and also urgent information could be quickly and efficiently disseminated around the village. With the reduction in crime and advances in technology we began to realise that there was a need to modernise the system and so greater use of the internet has been encouraged and Tollerton’s own NW facility together with the Rushcliffe Alert Scheme continue to make our village a safer place in which to live.

History of the national Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Neighbourhood Watch is the best known and most effective example of the community and police working together in partnership to prevent crime, build safer communities and improve quality of life. In the UK today there are over 155,000 NHW schemes in operation and 10 million people directly benefiting from NHW initiatives. The movement began in Mollington, Cheshire in 1982 when residents decided to group together to take action against a series of burglaries. Working with the police, they arranged to watch over each other’s properties. The local crime level fell substantially, news traveled quickly and further schemes were established within weeks. The Watch idea has since extended to a range of specialist schemes including covering farms, businesses, schools, shops and boats.